Employment Assessment Centre

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Services for Employers

The Employment Assessment Centre is pleased to offer Job Matching, Placement and Incentives funded by Employment Ontario. This program offers local employers the opportunity to connect with and retain the right employees, along with financial incentives, based on specific needs. The Employment Assessment Centre assists employers with the following:

  • Support for identifying human resource requirements including posting jobs on our website and on the job boards located in the Resource Centres of our four offices in Windsor, Leamington, Essex and Kingsville
  • Pre-screening of candidates to match skills with job requirements
  • Support for developing an on-the-job training plan
  • Employment preparation for candidates
  • Placement monitoring to support success and retention
  • Facilities to host job fairs and conduct interviews
  • Apprenticeship coordination and payment of the Apprenticeship Signing Bonus
  • Financial incentives to off-set the costs of on-the-job training (Placement Incentives)

Placement Incentives

Employers may be eligible to receive financial incentives that support on-the-job training and work experience opportunities for participants, including the Youth Employment Fund. Incentive levels vary and are based on the skill level and length of training required. In order to participate in an incentive, a new employee must be assessed at one of the Employment Assessment Centre sites.

The details of the placement must be arranged prior to the new employee starting work. An existing employee may also qualify for a placement incentive if he/she is being promoted to a more highly skilled position or an apprenticeship. Incentives for sponsored apprenticeship opportunities, which include the Apprenticeship Employer Signing Bonus of $2,000 is also available to employers who hire, register and train an apprentice.

Once the Placement Incentive has been approved, a representative from the Employment Assessment Centre will assist the employer set up a detailed training plan, and work with the employer to monitor the employee’s progress, providing support as required to ensure success.